Try Walking Backwards, She Said.

Commission for the new Sondre Børgen Helsehus
2023, Sondre Børgen
Wall 1: H 227 x W 297
Wall 2: H 230 xW 358
Wall 3: H 233 x W145
Wall 4: H 260 x W353
Wall 5: H 232 x W145
Wall 6: H 260 x W 400

‘Try walking backwards, she said’ consists out of six murals spread across three floors at Søndre Borgen Helsehus. The motives have been taken from various landscapes around Asker Municipality such as Semsvannet, Svarteput, Solli gård and Lille Sandungen. The aim is to draw from immediate landscapes, using them as a starting point and through abstracting the motives and by using floating perspective create a dynamic spatial arrangement.  An abstracted ‘path’ has been used as a recurring element to evoke the sensation that one is walking across various terrains. In the execution of the paintings, I’ve tried to enhance tactility with textures through carving, through using the grain of wood or through the application of brush strokes.

Image credit: Jannik Abel

 Copyright © 2023 Apichaya Wanthiang. All rights reserved.