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Commissioned Murals
2021, at Ruseløkka Skole, Oslo, Norway

Concretal Lasur mineral paint on concrete

Measurements from bottom wall, to top in order of ascension:
Wall 1( W6m x H3m2)
Wall 2 (W6m x H3m2)
Wall 3 (W6m x H3m2)
Wall 4 (W6m x H3m4)
Wall 5 (W6m x H3m2)
Wall 6 (W6m x 3m195)
Wall 7 (W6 x 3m375)
Wall 8 (W6m x h3m7)
Wall 9 (W6m xh 3m733
Wall 10 (W6m x H5m867)

This directly commissioned large scale work consists of 10 murals, on concrete, spread throughout the entire 7 floor staircase at the new Ruseløkka Skole which is located centrally in Oslo.

Each wall located in existing landscapes: images of places in Thailand, Norway, the Arctic, Vietnam and Tanzania. As the title indicated, some places which I have visited, others found online and only visited in my imagination. I selected one image for each wall, and improvised directly on to the wall based on those images.

As the students possibly will spend 10 years at this school, my main intention was to create uplifting images which will stay dynamic over time. Simply put I wanted the images to be experienced different at each look. This was mainly achieved through abstraction meaning simplifying forms, through organising large colour blocks to achieve depth instead of using perspective, and through creating continuity and connections between the different floors. The aim was simply to take the students who will inhabit the building on a sensuous journee, one that changes with each encounter.

The work was curated by Reidun Bull-Hansen and is part of The City of Oslo Art Collection.

Photo credit: Trond A. Isaksen

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