Geography of A

A Video Installation
2012, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway

Geography of A – From -15 m to x, when the night is full of you / From -x to 9 m, all the while and then a certain stillness.

Geography of A is an installation piece consisting of recorded stories, a video projection revolving around movements, pauses and utterances and two sculptural geometric elements made of plywood (appr. 4m x 3m x 4m & 2m x 3m x 1m75). The video projection was the only light source in the space. The video projection and recorded stories lasted approx. 38min and were played in loop.

This work was realized with generous support of Stazione Di Topolo and Bergen senter for elektronic arts (BEK).

Photo credit: Hordaland kunstsenter and Apichaya Wanthiang

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