Evil spirits only travel in straight lines

A Video Installation
2018, at UKS (Young Artists’ Society), Oslo, Norway

Installation view showing entrance corridor, heated clay sculpture, alternating ‘breathing’ led cycles, and videos of Spirit festival. Measurements variable

Materials: impregnated wood, drywall, foam, clay, led lighs, textile, projection, heating cables.

Coloured by the passing of my grandfather, the exhibition aimed to make material a space for mourning. Simultaneously I wanted to construct a habitable place for lingering spirits, a place where I could convene with ancestors. Clay sculptures that were shaped between a landscape and a human body. The clay sculptures, real time heated to the ground temperature of my childhood village, were given a slowed down light-breathing cycle: one that was considerably slower than a human or an animal breathing cycle. Upon entering the visitor was greeted by unusual, though slightly familiar entities. While resting on these clay sculptures one could watch a video of a ritual offering of feeding the dead, an annual festivity in the North-East of Thailand, and you could sit between and watch two mayflies’ videos, one a miniaturised mirror image of the other.

Exhibition text by Rhea Dall (English and Norwegian):
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The Exhibition Team 
Architect: Cristian Stefanescu
IT developer: Sindre Sørensen
Construction: Markus Moestue, David A. Valand and UKS team

The exhibition was kindly supported by Norske Billedkunstnere and Bergen Kommune.

Photo credit: UKS and Jan Khür

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