Concrete is stranger than fiction

An Exhibition in Progress
In collaboration with architect Cristian Stefanescu
2017, at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway

An exhibition in progress working through source material (photograph, video, measurements) we’ve collected of abandoned industrial building along the rail track between Bucharest - Brailla, Romania.

The final instalment consisted of a scenographic, linear display of the cardboard models, placed on the elongated side of the space. Visitors entered a dark room, slowly as their eyes adjust to the room they notice a light track. As the light moves on the track it illuminates the cardboard models. The light created shadows of the models along the wall, simulating the experience of looking over a landscape while in a moving train.

The exhibition was kindly supported by Bergen Kommune and Norske Billedkunstnere.

Photo credit: Hordaland Kunstsenter and Apichaya Wanthiang

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