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Evil Spirits Only Travel in Straight Lines



No-one told me you were in bad health. I saw it in passing, scrolling through my Facebook feed. Google translate tells me some things, but none of it makes much sense; ‘Life hasn’t been away from the hospital. It’s good, but it’s still helping to breathe. May the eyes get well soon. Let’s go to live in the shop. Big Daddy.’  And with those absurd words you depart.  

Is it banal to think that I can set the stage for ghosts and spirits to appear? I’m summoning you and all other spirits to enter. Not in the temple, not in the village, but right here within these white walls. With dissonance and out of time, a distance underlined.




Images above (C) UKS

images above (C) Jan Khür


images above (C) Julie Hrnčířová