• Painting installations

Driftwood and Ghost hunters

On the news I hear that the water has been rising. Flooding the fields, rotting the rice. I imagine what it must be like. To watch it happen and be powerless. From a distance I never really know what’s going on. Although there’s internet now, we are used to not communicating much. I try to imagine places around the world that have been flooded, all inter-connected in a precarious ecology. I worry, and worry that that is the extend of my engagement.

Frantically I search online for imagery. Try to grasp what the impact of flooding is. Both where you are, and elsewhere. I find an abundance of imagery. Muddy greens and browns, blood red streets of Dhaka. Beautiful and horrific at the same time. My painter’s brain looks at the images and I see the sky and the roofs being mirrored, multi coloured objects drifting by, lights refracted. Yet what lies underneath these muddy surfaces? Through painting my body is forced to engage with abstract movements which are not mine. Attempting to embody a flood, entering a flow, nearing you.

Drifwood and Ghost Hunters was an exhibition that took place between 09. August – 02. September 2018 at LNM

All images below (C) Niklas Lello