• Painting

Oslo City Hall Studio’s Exhibition

After having been granted studio’s at Oslo City Hall, Sven Påhlsson, Ann Iren Buan and myself now finish our one and a half to two years stay in the studios by opening the doors to the public with an exhibition. We showed work which were made during our time in the town hall studios. It is worth mentioning that these studios have been the workplace of renowned Norwegian artists such as Else Marie Hagen, Per Krogh, Anders Sletvold Moe and Hannah Ryggen since the 1930s.

I choose to show a combination of older with newer work, and to work with guiding the visitors through the room. The idea was that the viewers would be invited to sit and contemplate for some time, as well as peruse through sketches, which were done in preparation to the large paintings. I also played with the traces in the room, which were leftover from the latest series I was working on in the studio. Benches were built in the same color as some of the traces on the wall. It felt fitting to acknowledge the nature of the studio, while aiming to present a finished and thought through exhibition.