• Curatorial

B-open Video Village 2017

B-open is a yearly event which celebrates local Bergen artists. Each year for this occasion artist all over town in Bergen, open their studio’s for anyone who wants a glimpse into artistic processes.

For this year B-open Video Village, I worked together with architecture office a-works and students from BAS, Bergen Arkitektskole, Auste Cijunelite, Turid Skåden and Bjørnar Skaar Haveland. We wanted to make a social gathering place in the midst of Festplassen, where hospitality is central. Each year B-open presents a selection of local video artists, we showed work by ronnie s, Samuel Breszki, Floriane Grosset, Anne Marthe Dyvi, Klara Sofie Ludvigson & Ben Speck with music by Stephan Meidell, Sara Santos, Asbjørn Hollerud, Daniela Ramos, Sabine Popp, Espen Pedersen and Arne Rygg. By having several huts to show the video works in, the works could be arranged according to mood/atmosphere. The setting was intimate.

The architect team arranged a beautiful green house village, consisting out of five huts and an info stand. The greenhouses had a translucent quality, letting through the colors from the diverse video’s, and drawing in passerby’s from Festplassen. We served tea and pop corn.