• Painting installations

While The Light Eats Away at the Colors at Stiftelsen 3,14

The nearly imperceptible taste of sea salt lingers on my tongue. Memories flash in front of my mind’s eye. A broad boulevard follows the coast, lined with singular palm trees. The weather is sweater-breezy and the light eats away at the colours. Shades of greens and blues that make up the sea seem to be floating, as if the colours carry no weight.

In the distance, I see the white chapel’s silhouette popping up. The blue stained glass shimmers like a wavy walk. I stretch my arm and point at it. Lifted from the surrounding landscape, the chapel lands on the top of my index finger. I squint a little, and try to block out the flood of light. I close my left eye and then both. The chapel dances to and fro. Distracted in play, I am a place without body.

The following day, on the drive through the meandering hill sides, clusters of houses recede in the far distance. Inside the red house I find a small painting of the boulevard with the palm trees. The storm in the painting nearly sucks the palms into the twirling grey sky. All of a sudden I realise that only a few decades ago he was looking at and painting the same landscapes – a corresponding timescape?

While the Light Eats away at the Colors is a painterly installation extended in time as well as space, it offers a slow spatial narrative that invites the audience to engage with the works for prolonged periods of time.

Curated by Trond Lossius and Malin Barth, the exhibition design was developed together with architect Cristian Stefanescu. The exhibition received funds from Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK).

The exhibition runs from 13.01. – 19.03.2017