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The Table Turns – Scenography

For the past six months I have been working on and off on (drawing up) the Scenography for The Table Turns, a new dance piece by Karen Eide Boen and Roar Sletteland. The piece will premiere during Oktober Dans festival, under BIT, Bit Teatergarasjen in Bergen. I have been working on modular structures in close collaboration with Leo Preston, the light designer. With Markus Moestue I’ve build the pieces for the past two intensive weeks. The modules are designed to be functional, and fairly neutral, with some subtle references to disco and early dance culture. They serve to organize the room, frame Karen as a dancer, and clarify the object/character role of the vinyl players. The light functions are in built in the modules, and they will be the only light sources in the room, lighting up Karen, organizing the sub-spaces of the dance floor and setting the mood. The piece deals with freedom and power on the dance floor, negotiated by a dancer and four vinyl players. More about the piece here. The pictures below give a sense of the process, and the scenography modules, but the light still has to be installed in coming months. The lighting you see below, is just preliminary. I look forward to see it all coming together, to see the space painted with light… and activated by the dance/music.