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Not by Fiction, But by reality – preparations pt. 1

Not by Fiction, But by Reality is a collaboration between architect Cristian Stefanescu and myself. The project is rooted in a common interest in perception as a main tool and filter for the creation and sharing of spatial experiences. We trust that our inherently different ways of seeing informs a varied range of collecting and making work. As our focus point we have chosen industrial spaces along the train track between Bucharest-Braila – an area with a high concentration. Strewn along both sides of the track we find a series of twentieth century industrial buildings and structures in varied levels of decay as a result of political, economic and environmental changes. The resulting spaces, often deprived of their function and reduced to pure structure, material and form begin to open up a new multi-layered and rich reality.

For two upcoming exhibitions: MNAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania, and HKS, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen Norway we aim to use a two week intensive roadtrip-for-collecting as the main starting point for the making of new hybrid spaces which are rooted in the forms which we have observed. The intention is to stay true to what we see, but also to allow what we have seen to become something in its own right when it encounters other characteristic shapes. We will compose mainly through the reconstruction and collage of drawings, models, and photographs of the spaces observed.

We have now been working together for a week. We explored bits of Bucharest and Braila, took the train ride back and forth between the two cities and collected imagery and impressions along the way. We visited the MNAC, strolled around the city, looked at buildings inside the city-scape. My impression is one of awe and a touch of sadness for the potential use of the derelict spaces. Beautiful architectural and cultural legacies which will disappear in just a matter of time. We have neither the time nor resources to archive all that we came across. It was not our intention either way, but now that we are here I cannot help but think: It is certainly worth preserving. I find some solace in the fact that we are doing our minutiae share.

Some atmospheric images of our first week explorations.