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Painting Process Mai – November 2016

I’ve started a large canvas, 5m by 2m70. Exploring spraying with paint as well as introducing the figure again. For the past 7 years painting I have been ignoring the figure, because I was more concerned with creating spaces for the viewer to be the main protagonist in. Right now I feel like it should be possible to introduce figures again. I had my friend and dancer Karen Eide B√łen in the studio a few weeks ago, and I’m using some of the sketches I made of her dancing as a motive. It’s still at a very early stage, but the unfamiliarity of it is exciting.



Together with architect Cristian Stefanescu I have started to work on the exhibition design for Galleri 3,14. We made a model of the space, and are playing around with different cluster of Painting and manners of framing the paintings.



Slowly trying to finish the paintings, as exhibiting date is closing in.


We started early installments at Galleri 3,14. Finishing the drawings of the frames with Cristian Stefenuscu.