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Painting Process January-April 2016

I was granted a studio, for one and a half year, inside one of the towers of Oslo Town Hall. Near my studio is a fantastic second hand store, run by a charismatic man named Johan. Today, after a few hours of going through his collection, I bought seven book from him, all older nature books which have a specific warm printing color, and wide lens compositions of nature landscapes. I am in a strange flow. As there are I no windows in the studio, I reach a rare level of concentration here.

Particularly looking closely to Cezanne’s, Matisse work and Hiroshiges work has had the most direct influence on my attempts in the studio. I have been trying to modulate form/volume through focusing on using warm and cold colors, and placing them next to each other as well as trying to establish depth, not through perspective, but rather through the building up of one motive next to another ( Particularly ‘Asian/Japanese’ usage of space-construction?) I had two weeks in march were I managed to get in a productive flow, although always intermitted with lots of waiting and staring. I made collages, did some aquarelles on A4 printing paper.

Started and nearly finished 6 paintings. I’m working with vertical composition rather then Horizontal (I think it has to do with the shape of my studio, which is like the Rådhus tall and narrow, and it seems to encourage vertical compositions, also I can work at more at a time when I choose for vertical stretches of canvas rather then horizontal one). I wonder how this will impact my compositions as I continue.