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Process – Painting 2015 – Experiments with Silkscreen

I am continuing with the paintings I started in September 2014. The plan was to explore printing, silk screening to be precise, directly on already painted canvasses, however it was very difficult to print on top of the canvasses because they were already stretched. A solution to this would be to build up the surface by putting some blocks of wood behind the canvas, but as I was testing out I noticed that very quickly the canvas started to loose it tension. I was worried about it getting so damaged I would not be able to salvage it, so I decided to explore other paths. I started silk screening the layers which were supposed to go on top of the canvas, on separate surfaces such as paper, textiles etc. The idea was to build up compositions through layering, a way of working with affinities to collage and installation. Here are a few shots from the studio.