• Video installations

The Unfolding Pt. 1

The Unfolding is a sustained and slow video essay, flirting with time, specific locations such as Topolo, Italy and Thailand, alternated with a play on spatial descriptions, and reflections upon reading someone else’s narrative. It’s 12 minutes long, with voice over by Stacy Brafield reading a text I wrote and interrupted by fragments of recorded conversation between S. Brafield and myself. The video is being shown for the first time at Kunstnerforbundet during Herfra: Juni-Utstillingen (a group show) in Oslo, Norway. The show was curated by Johanne Hestvold and Benedicte Leinan Clementsen: It is an overview exhibition of a select group of young Bergen artist. More info about Juni-utstillingen 2015.



The Unfolding from piya on Vimeo.